Parties to an (international) business transaction can not only choose the applicable substantive law (contract law) and the dispute settlement institution and rules. They can also choose the mediators, experts, or arbitrators, who will help them resolve any disputes. These neutrals can be lawyers but they can also be industry or technology specialists, as long as they have received training in ADR, the conduct of proceedings, and the preparation of enforceable decisions.

SmartArb does not employ neutrals, since independence has to be guaranteed in all cases. The roster provided by SmartArb is merely a list of trusted and qualified neutrals that can be chosen by the parties. Parties are always at liberty to go beyond the roster. However, if parties cannot agree on the neutral or the neutrals to settle their dispute, and they call on SmartArb for the appointment of neutrals, SmartArb will resort to neutrals from its roster because they have been vetted and have a proven track record of providing successful and cost efficient dispute settlement solutions.