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What We Offer

We offer high quality yet cost effective services for all kinds of business disputes. As a global first, we offer special expertise for the resolution of disputes arising out of smart contracts on the Blockchain.


Relies on a specially trained neutral to work with the parties to help them understand their respective positions in fact and law and, if possible, facilitate a consensual settlement of the dispute.


Is different from mediation in the sense that one or three neutrals, after trying to facilitate a settlement, can actually impose a decision that can be enforced.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Advantages of Alternative Dispute Settlement (ADR) with the International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute (SmartArb)

Compared to Transnational Litigation, International Smart Mediation and Arbitration is:

More Friendly

ADR preserves business relationships


ADR resolves disputes faster and has no appeals

More Professional

ADR relies on neutrals who understand your business


ADR preserves the confidentiality of business deals

More Trustworthy

ADR does not put you at the mercy of foreign judges


ADR, well designed, saves time and money

More Accessible

ADR works with your own attorneys and can be all online


Arbitration awards are enforced in over 150 countries

More Successful

ADR is preferred by over 90% of international lawyers

About us

SmartArb was incorporated in Indianapolis in March 2018 to provide alternative dispute resolution services to businesses trading in and with the Midwestern United States. SmartArb is affiliated with the World Trade Center Indianapolis and looks forward to having its offices in the newly developed office tower of the WTC Indianapolis. To provide the highest quality of ADR services at reasonable cost, SmartArb is working closely with neutrals and advisors certified by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, JAMS, and other well-established ADR institutions. SmartArb has its own model clauses for commercial contracts, and its own set of rules that parties can reference in their business agreements (ex ante) and in arbitration agreements (expost). SmartArb provides ADR services to a wide variety of industries and for many types of commercial dealings. The roster of neutrals suggested by SmartArb also includes experts with knowledge of many legal systems and proficiency in all major languages. As a regional first, SmartArb is developing special expertise for disputes arising out of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.


President and CEO
Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert, LL.M., FCIArb
[email protected]

Executive Director
Chandler P. Carney, Esq., certified mediator
[email protected]

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